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Jake Paul completes Andre August with awful first-round KO

Jake Paul completes Andre August with awful first-round KO

Jake Paul scored a first-round, feature reel knockout of Andre August on Friday night in Orlando, Florida, to flag the second demonstration of his boxing profession as he hopes to secure himself as a cruiserweight title competitor.

Paul (8-1, 5 KOs) opened up a right uppercut that got August clear and bobbed him off the material carelessly. The ref waved the session off with 28 seconds staying in the initial round.

“Set up my shot and he went sweet dreams,” said Paul, who was joined by his sibling Logan Paul, WWE’s US champion. “This is all essential for the cycle, the following stage to best on the planet. Obviously these folks can’t hang with me.”

Paul’s initial six battles were hybrid occasions against previous MMA warriors. His seventh was his most memorable misfortune, a choice loss to Tommy Wrath, the sibling of heavyweight champion Tyson Rage.

Jake Paul completes Andre August with awful first-round KO
Jake Paul, whose first six boxing matches were crossover events against former MMA fighters, said he is “lasered in” on his goal of becoming a world champion boxer.


Jake Paul took out Andre August in the principal round Friday night at Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Paul conveyed a strong right uppercut that sent August to the material. The unbalanced August couldn’t beat the count at 2:32 of the principal round of their cruiserweight battle.

With his first knockout in quite a while, Paul improved to 8-1.

“I said first-round the entire week,” Paul said during a post-battle interview on DAZN. “I showed this. This is the force of indication.

“Furthermore, I said I expected to bring back the old ‘Issue Kid.’ I’ve been excessively pleasant to these individuals, allowing them to go into the later adjusts. Set up my shot and he went sweet dreams.” Sports

Jake Paul vs Andre August highlights: Watch Jake Paul knockout

Jake Paul was in all out control

There was never a smidgen of nervousness from Paul, who strutted into the ring like he was set out toward a cookout and winked at August during the pre-battle directions.

Roughly 4,000 fans fit into the setting cheered boisterously not during Paul’s ring-entry and his killer blow, yet during the victor’s in-ring interview.

“All I needed to do was give you a knockout for Christmas,” he said, evoking more cheers.

What’s next for Jake Paul?

Paul said he will make a declaration one week from now about his battle plans, however Friday night he offered just consensuses.

“Additional boxing possibilities. More experience. Additional time in the ring. Under the splendid lights remaining dynamic. Furthermore, assuming that the cash battles come, I got smoke for them as well.

“However, the present moment I’m centered around being truly outstanding on the planet and making quite possibly of the best game stories throughout the entire existence of sports.”

By that, Paul was alluding to his ascent — leaving the Disney Station in 2017 and becoming perhaps of the most attractive figure in boxing.

Jake Paul completes Andre August with awful first-round KO

What changed for Jake Paul?

So what’s the distinction between Paul today and Paul from two or a long time back, Ariel Helwani asked while taking care of the in-ring interview on the DAZN livestream?

“A long time back, I truly had no difficulties,” Paul said. “I was simply beating everyone, not exactly engaged, doing stuff beyond the exercise center I shouldn’t have been. Also, presently I’m lasered in.”

He additionally said, “I found my profoundly. … And that is changed my entire whole life and remaining on the drudgery, in the rec center, reliable.”

Not that Paul’s otherworldly way has prompted boundless absolution, particularly with regards to his faultfinders.

“Each and every individual who has a remark about me,” Paul said. “Goodness, he can’t do this. He can’t sell. He’s not enormous. What is he doing battling this person, battling that person? Close the (exclamation) up!”

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